Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Golden Day

I am a big fan of birthdays! I just love everything about them, especially getting to celebrate someone's life and taking that moment to just re-position yourself toward what is most important..people.

Today is the birthday of a pretty important person in my life. Namely, the man, the myth, the legend...Dan {also seen here as 'main squeeze', 'hunk', or 'fellow'} In fact, Dan is celebrating his GOLDEN Birthday today, because he is turning 27 on the 27th!!! {Unfortunately, I had my golden birthday a while there a platinum birthday?!}

In honor of this momentous occasion, I thought I'd tell you all a bit about what an amazing fellow my main squeeze is {see what I did there?!}. He is the guy that would drop anything he is doing in a heartbeat to be there for me {and I GUESS other people too ;) }, he is willing to give the shirt off his back to help someone, he listens without interrupting, he puts all he has into whatever he is doing, he's a provider, he makes a mean Chicken Cordon Bleu {don't even get me started on his salsa..yum}, he's the most patient human being that I know, he's adventurous, he's kind, he's hilarious, and he is strong. {In short, I kinda like the guy}

So Happy {Golden} Birthday, my love. Thanks for spending the past 9 birthdays with me. I can't wait for the next 70. The price of having a birthday on a Thursday is a little #TBT action..enjoy! ;)

See? I wasn't lying about the 'hunk' ;)

{cue the candles}

Monday, August 24, 2015

Aging with Love

You guyyyyys. I'm loving this video right now. I saw it a couple weeks ago and I thought it was the sweetest and coolest thing someone could do for a young couple. To see how you might look and to get to look into each others' eyes with the same "young" love you have now is a gift. And just knowing it's gonna be even better than that is a wonderful and unique experience {for the whole family}!

These two lovebirds are the cutest.

Any good makeup artists out there? Has anyone ever done anything like this before?

Friday, August 7, 2015

Road Trippin'

So another thing to add to the list I just know you are keeping titled "things Andrea enjoys immensely" are ROAD TRIPS! Bet you couldn't have guessed that from the title, huh?

But seriously, you guys. Road trips are just the best. Yes, you may be in a car for hours and hours and yes maybe the scenery doesn't always keep you awake from the passenger seat, but man, talk about the freedom of the open road and exploring at its finest! 
In June, Dan and I celebrated our two year anniversary and we went on one of these very exciting road trips! Now you may be asking yourself, "did she just say two years? What happened before then? Were there any more trips before this...say a honeymoon or first anniversary trip?" And to that I say, well done at attention to detail and that apparently I'm a big fan of starting at the end and moving backwards. (Probably explains my love of pre-dinner s'mores, but that's another story) So yes, there's so much more to the story, but all in good time.

So buckle yourself in and grab some snacks, because recap is about to begin. You'll probably be thankful by the end of this that you no longer have to attend post-vacation parties and be trapped in my house with these on endless slideshow repeat! Although, there would be cheese at these parties. Lots of cheese. So maybe you'll miss that part slightly.

I digress.

So...Dan and I knew that we wanted to head west. We knew we wanted to see the beach, explore somewhere new as well as go to some of our favorite spots. So essentially we wanted it all and couldn't decide, so a road trip was born. Now, although I am a big planner, I definitely appreciate the value of spontaneity and on trips it becomes my mantra. I'm a believer in discovering as you go and, for me, that is one of the best things about travel. So other than a plan of the cities we would sleep in at night, we took to the open road. We allowed ourselves the time to stop where we wanted, take side roads where we wanted and change our minds about anything else too. I think on those grounds alone, this was one of the best trips we've had. We were definitely worn out by the end, but I can say that we didn't hold back.

Our route {where we slept in at night} went something like this:

~ Las Vegas, NV
~ Yosemite National Park
~ Sacramento, CA
~ Sonoma Valley, CA
~ San Francisco, CA
~ Las Vegas, NV {reprise}
~ Durango, CO
~ Home Sweet Home

But it was so much more than these cities alone. We accomplished everything on our list of goals for this trip. We saw the beach by going down Highway 1 and stopping wherever we fancied. We did quite a few new things by camping in Yosemite, visiting Wine Country and trying some unique and fun Airbnb/other hotel arrangements. And California and Vegas are a couple of our favorite spots.

Thanks for letting me share a little bit about this trip. Even reliving it now has sparked some more wanderlust. Let's go back! Who's with me?

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Written Word

I'm a TAD bit old fashioned when it comes to communications {although fear not, I don't yell into the telephone contraptions ;) }. I prefer the written word over most other forms of communication. I enjoy snail mail - both the feeling of sending something off by post or checking your mailbox to find that it contains more than just the usual smatter of junk. It makes checking the mail feel more like a surprise than a mindless mundane task. I think the only way I'd be MORE excited to exchange mail would be by Owl Post #amiright?!

So this week, I hope to inspire you not with words themselves but with the prospect of sending or receiving words. May they be uplifting, just what you needed at the moment or even just utter nonsense. But knowing they were sent for a purpose is something we all can agree makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside. :)

So get out there and write something!