Friday, January 22, 2016

It's the little things

The little things can make all the difference!

If I find myself feeling a little stressed or overwhelmed, I like to just remember what's going well.

Even if it's the little things...

On that note, don't you love it when:

1. Pinterest remembers what you've already pinned {thanks for having my back, Pinterest}

2. The automatic faucets actually turn on the first try

3. The line is surprisingly short at Starbucks {or they remember your name}

4. You go through your pile of mail, and something truly mail-worthy is in there

{PS - Thanks for the sweet note, Lydia!!}

5. The song that has been stuck in your head all day plays on the radio/Pandora/your shuffled playlist

6. After waking up in a panic, you realize you still have an hour to sleep {or better yet, it's a weekend and you don't have to work!}

7. The candle wick you thought wouldn't light works perfectly {bonus points if that candle is accompanied with a nice, bubbly-bath}

8. You get the flash drive in the USB port on your FIRST TRY! {not your third, like normal - someone explain THAT to me!}

9. You remember to buy the thing you went to the store for in the first place

10. That SD card you find in the back of your desk drawer holds cherished pictures you thought were gone forever

11. Aaaand of course every time I look back on this awesome view and am reminded of what a beautiful world we live in:

What are some of your "little things"?

Friday, January 8, 2016


Guys, sometimes adulting is hard. I mean, I right? In fact, sometimes it's just so rough that I can actually relate to this graph from a well-loved blog post from Hyperbole and a Half: This is Why I'll Never be an Adult.

My friend from college, Travis, introduced me to this gem of a blog {hint: you might have seen it too, as it sparked the wildly popular "ALL THE THINGS" meme!} and sometimes re-reading it gives me both solidarity with other "faux-dults" and a sense of "ok, you've read your cartoon, now let's get some grown up stuff done." It's a balance, people.

Anyways, this week I feel that I was really on the incline part of the "adulting" scale and was feeling like bullet point #2 up on that graph! And it got me thinking about all the stuff that makes me feel like I'm doing adult stuff. {P.S. I blame it on all the paperwork etc. that I'm currently wading through}'s ALL THE THINGS {wink} that make me feel grown up-esque:

1. Requesting my medical records from my doctor

2. HAVING a doctor

3. Knowing how much I have in our HSA account AND getting excited that we can get another pair of glasses

4. Knowing what HSA stands for

5. Looking in the "Books" section for my coloring books rather than the "Toys" section {btw I totally scored by receiving an awesome Harry Potter coloring book from my friend Meghan this Christmas! Thanks, Meghan!!}

6. Owning {and not starving to death} an adorable little kitty

7. Knowing what my thermostat is set to in order to preserve utilities

8. Actually enjoying sparkling water

9. Getting ridiculously excited about things like office supplies and snail mail

10. Staying up as late as I please catching up on all my shows {and then immediately regretting it the next day}

11. Planning actual trips/vacations/fun times and getting to be in charge of all the things I do

12. Going somewhere only because it was a Groupon or I have a gift card

13. Reading...just because

Any other "faux-dults" out there? What are some of your moments of "huh...I guess I am a big kid now"?! Have a great weekend, kids!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Family Goals

We had this little grey chalkboard hanging in our living room for the past year or so with "FAMILY GOALS" written on it {in albeit somewhat hard to read chalk-pencils..whoops!}. They are notions, ideas, dreams, hopes and just the start of things that Dan and I want to be a part of our life. Some are concrete, others are ambiguous, but overall they are aspirations for us.

As we start to pack our first little Denver apartment, I have taken many walks down nostalgia lane. And I figured as part of our paring down experience, that this little chalkboard will not make the journey to the UK with us, but that the dreams written on it can/will.

So here are the current family goals we've set. By no means is this a finished or even partially finished list. It was just something to start us off in the right direction in 2015. Looking forward to 2016, some of these are already becoming a reality {and I couldn't be happier!} and others are yet to be added. It's not intended to be a bucket list, resolutions with deadlines within the year, or have any restricting parameters, but more of a reminder of what we want for our future selves.

In no particular order:

1. Get scuba certified

2. Start a company

3. Have a family

5. Adopt more animals

6. Teach something we love

7. Get a tattoo

8. Travel often

9. Be generous {with our time and $}

10. Live faithfully

What are some of your dreams for the future?! What would be on your Family Goal chalkboard?