Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Family Goals

We had this little grey chalkboard hanging in our living room for the past year or so with "FAMILY GOALS" written on it {in albeit somewhat hard to read chalk-pencils..whoops!}. They are notions, ideas, dreams, hopes and just the start of things that Dan and I want to be a part of our life. Some are concrete, others are ambiguous, but overall they are aspirations for us.

As we start to pack our first little Denver apartment, I have taken many walks down nostalgia lane. And I figured as part of our paring down experience, that this little chalkboard will not make the journey to the UK with us, but that the dreams written on it can/will.

So here are the current family goals we've set. By no means is this a finished or even partially finished list. It was just something to start us off in the right direction in 2015. Looking forward to 2016, some of these are already becoming a reality {and I couldn't be happier!} and others are yet to be added. It's not intended to be a bucket list, resolutions with deadlines within the year, or have any restricting parameters, but more of a reminder of what we want for our future selves.

In no particular order:

1. Get scuba certified

2. Start a company

3. Have a family

5. Adopt more animals

6. Teach something we love

7. Get a tattoo

8. Travel often

9. Be generous {with our time and $}

10. Live faithfully

What are some of your dreams for the future?! What would be on your Family Goal chalkboard?