Saturday, February 6, 2016

Living in London: Day One

Sooooo: I'm counting Friday as our official "first" day in London, because even though we arrived on Thursday {Feb 4}, that day consisted of: 

  1. Waiting in line 
  2. Finding our luggage 
  3. Finding our driver 
  4. Waiting for Dobby 
  5. Finding our apartment 
  6. Waiting for a door code to our building 
  7. Finding some food for Dobby and ourselves 
  8. Waiting to go to sleep because we were trying to fight jet-lag 
  9. Using our stone-age wifi to talk to loved ones 
  10. Finally going to sleep {pretty sure I passed out on our car ride to our apartment, again on the couch, and then finally sideways on the bed}
So as you can see - it was a lot of waiting for/finding stuff and wishing for sleep! :)

However, "Day 1" was a lot more chipper and active!

Even though we woke sort of late, it was a fun-filled AND informative day. Dan and I walked to a Vodafone store to get our UK SIM cards. We are now legit phone users with ridiculously long UK phone numbers! {P.S. you can still iMessage us and use all the fancy apps for contact - I can just talk to you wherever I am now instead of just in our apartment}

Then we meandered around pretty much the whole of London {or at least the central and east end parts}. We found the 3 offices for my work, ate some fish and chips {naturally!}, got our BRP cards {official resident permits}, walked around many neighborhoods to get the feel of things, took lots of pictures, used the transit system, and visited the local market - all in, we walked about 10 miles or so.  It was amazing to just experience the city and take a ton of pictures! So I'll leave you with a few of my favorites from today:

Classic Fire House

Just your average pub with a fake library wall door! It actually goes to the ladies room

Corner Pub


  1. This whole experience for you guys is incredible! Hope you enjoy every second of it and have some drinks for me at every pub you go to. Wishing you the best!

  2. Thank you! We will be sure to get an extra pint for you :)