about me

hi there!

I'm Andrea and I live in London with my wonderful husband, Dan, and our furry little kitten, Dobby. Yes you read that right, Dobby from Harry Potter #potterheadsforlife.

Dan and I are both originally from New Mexico, and recently moved to London from Denver, and if you were to hang with us in real life, you would hear us talk about how awesome green chile is, how the rain there smells better than anything else, and that the sunsets are breathtaking.

However, as recent transplants to London, we have been loving exploring all that the UK and Europe has to offer. We are big fans of photography, local pubs, rain and sweets {well I am the one with the sweet tooth}!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you get comfy, pop open a brew or bottle of wine, and stay a while!

I'd love to chat with you - post below for any questions, comments, or requests you might have for me.

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