Chips and Salsa: A Love Story


So..if you've read a bit about me and Dan {or know us IRL}, you know we are native New Mexicans and that we LOVE us some green chile and we LOOOOOVE us some homemade Barrio salsa.

And being the good New Mexicans that we are, we aim to get our fix as often as we can by stocking up the freezer with these babies. And although this recipe is not Hatch Green Chile certainly compliments any dish prepared with those little beauties.

I, of course, am referring to delicious salsa.

Dan's family has a bomb recipe and he is the salsa king in our household. I am here merely to record its awesomeness.

Here's what you'll need to re-create this awesome salsa:

1. 4-6 jalapeños 

2. 1 can tomato sauce

3. blender or food processor

4. water

5. garlic salt & table salt

Dan likes to eyeball a lot of this process, but the general breakdown is as follows:

1. Remove the stems of the jalapeños before bringing them to a boil in a pot on the stove; then drain


2. Add the jalapeños to a food processor/blender {we leave the seeds in for extra spice. If you are trying this out as an introduction to some spice, consider removing some of the seeds during this step}


3. Add the tomato sauce to the blender and blend the ingredients to a sauce-like consistency


4. Add half a can of water to the mixture along with any additional seasonings you prefer


5. Serve with chips




We gave some of these cans of salsa as Christmas gifts this year to our church group. What are some of your favorite dishes and/or homemade gifts?



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