The Barrios are Moving.....To London!


It's true!!! Dan and I are packing up our things and heading across the pond in January!!! What a way to kick off 2016! Betcha didn't see that coming did you? Neither did we!




I will be transferring with my company and will be working in the financial district in London. This is definitely one of those bucket list items and something that I didn't think would be possible this early in my career. However, when opportunity knocks and God nudges, you just go for it.


After careful prayer and counsel, Dan and I are excited to embark on this expat experience, pare down our belongings, and dive all-in to this adventure.


Moving internationally is...quite the task. We still have quite a bit of to-do's to check off our prep list, but each day that passes draws us nearer to our British invasion. I don't think I've ever read more governmental procedures and protocol than I have in the past few months. I've scoured the UK and US government sites, the UK and US travel sites, various blogs, various google searches and have asked quite a bit of questions of friends and colleagues that have made similar journeys. And do you know what I've learned? Nothing you can read will prepare you for the experience - and that's one of the greatest things about it. Dan and I are jumping in to the unknown and just saying yes to a life-changing move. And we couldn't be more thrilled!

Side note: I would never have been able to take this awesome opportunity if it weren't for the love and support of my wonderful fella, Dan. Thanks, darling! 

We are so thankful for all the support of family and friends as we make this big change in our lives!

If you have any pro tips for newbies like us on an international move, we are all ears! Please leave a comment below with any advice or resources you may have!

Cheers, mates! Now how do we get on House Hunters: International?!