Homemade Spaghetti Sauce


[Archived: 17 July 2015] 

I love pasta. Like LOVE it. I'll eat it covered in sauce, mixed with veggies, tossed with butter or oil or even plain! I also love experimenting with various ways to eat pasta. However, I was never on the spaghetti bandwagon. Perhaps because I thought it was bit overplayed or that it was the go-to "easy" dinner, but I think most likely it was because Dan and I HATE tomatoes. Like gather all the tomatoes in one place and set them on fire hate. Now, we aren't picky eaters, but we do have our trigger foods and tomatoes definitely make the list.

BUT all that was before I discovered the power of the homemade spaghetti sauce. I absolutely love this recipe and it is extremely easy to follow.

I split it up into 2 days because when we buy our meat we like to brown it up before we freeze it. So I did the first step the night before and then threw all the ingredients into the crockpot the next morning.

And 8 hours later...voila!

Just serve with some wine and nice toasty garlic bread for perfection! {not pictured: nice toasty garlic bread}

What's your favorite way to eat pasta?

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