First Followers

[Archived: 22 July 2015] 

No, I don't mean in the blog-o-sphere {although it may apply}. But it IS this week's #winspiration!

I was introduced to this video this week and it has a really interesting/entertaining take on leadership and how ideas and movements can grow. We all have a voice {or some sweet moves to show off} and each little action we do matters. The first follower is the example of that - and something to strive for when you find a movement, action, or person you admire.

It may take a little courage to be the first to stand up next to the "crazy dancing guy" in your life, but look at the beauty that can come from choosing to become part of the movement and not caring if you look silly in order to do so.

Happy Wednesday Inspiration, y'all!

WordsAndrea Barrio