Falling into Place

I have had a song {more specifically, a line from a song} in my head for the past few weeks that has really touched me. When I first heard it, it was exactly what I needed to hear and I don't think that is a coincidence. In fact, each time since, it has given me some perspective and helped me return to a place of gratitude.

I know there are those out there who are going through difficult times and that each person has their own filter of what that looks like - but I believe these lyrics speak to each person where they are. One of the multitude of reasons I love music so much is that each person can hear the exact same thing and take away something different - just like any other form of art. Everyone's unique experience in this world is exactly what is needed in order to make it go 'round #youdoyou!

I hope that whatever storm you might be going through - that you might be able to take some comfort in these words, and that you allow yourself the opportunity to just be held.




Hope your week just got a little brighter!

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