It's The Little Things



The little things can make all the difference!


If I find myself feeling a little stressed or overwhelmed, I like to just remember what's going well.

Even if it's the little things...


On that note, don't you love it when:


1. Pinterest remembers what you've already pinned {thanks for having my back, Pinterest}

2. The automatic faucets actually turn on the first try

3. The line is surprisingly short at Starbucks {or they remember your name}

4. You go through your pile of mail, and something truly mail-worthy is in there

{PS - Thanks for the sweet note, Lydia!!}




5. The song that has been stuck in your head all day plays on the radio/Pandora/your shuffled playlist

6. After waking up in a panic, you realize you still have an hour to sleep {or better yet, it's a weekend and you don't have to work!}

7. The candle wick you thought wouldn't light works perfectly {bonus points if that candle is accompanied with a nice, bubbly-bath}

8. You get the flash drive in the USB port on your FIRST TRY! {not your third, like normal - someone explain THAT to me!}

9. You remember to buy the thing you went to the store for in the first place

10. That SD card you find in the back of your desk drawer holds cherished pictures you thought were gone forever

11. Aaaand of course every time I look back on this awesome view and am reminded of what a beautiful world we live in:





What are some of your "little things"?



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