Farewell USA


I meant to post this the actual day we left, but alas, so is traveling internationally - not much time for much else except hoping you remembered your passport and that one shirt you love. But as you might have surmised, we have arrived in London. However, I'll say a belated farewell to the USA since it was just yesterday that we arrived.



I am so thankful for the friends and family that have been extremely supportive throughout this whole process - from praying for us, to helping us spackle and paint, to helping us pack and re-pack {and re-pack again}! Thank you all for making this transition so much fun and {ALMOST} painless.

I saw this the day before we left, and it became a sort of retro-active motto for the past 2 months!





So far, this has been the greatest adventure of my life {and I mean that in the best way!}

Until we meet again, USA!



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