Living in London: Day One



Sooooo: I'm counting Friday as our official "first" day in London, because even though we arrived on Thursday {Feb 4}, that day consisted of: 


Waiting in line 

Finding our luggage 

Finding our driver 

Waiting for Dobby 

Finding our apartment 

Waiting for a door code to our building 

Finding some food for Dobby and ourselves 

Waiting to go to sleep because we were trying to fight jet-lag 

Using our stone-age wifi to talk to loved ones 


 Finally going to sleep {pretty sure I passed out on our car ride to our apartment, again on the couch, and then finally sideways on the bed}

So as you can see - it was a lot of waiting for/finding stuff and wishing for sleep! :)


However, "Day 1" was a lot more chipper and active!


Even though we woke sort of late, it was a fun-filled AND informative day. Dan and I walked to a Vodafone store to get our UK SIM cards. We are now legit phone users with ridiculously long UK phone numbers! {P.S. you can still iMessage us and use all the fancy apps for contact - I can just talk to you wherever I am now instead of just in our apartment}


Then we meandered around pretty much the whole of London {or at least the central and east end parts}. We found the 3 offices for my work, ate some fish and chips {naturally!}, got our BRP cards {official resident permits}, walked around many neighborhoods to get the feel of things, took lots of pictures, used the transit system, and visited the local market - all in, we walked about 10 miles or so.  It was amazing to just experience the city and take a ton of pictures! So I'll leave you with a few of my favorites from today:


Classic Fire House

Classic Fire House

Just your average pub with a fake library wall door! It actually goes to the ladies room

Just your average pub with a fake library wall door! It actually goes to the ladies room

Corner Pub

Corner Pub