Greetings From Sunny UK



I know right?! "Sunny" and "UK" together are not what you'd initially think! But let me tell you - as we are seeing the seasons change around here, I can feel {and see!} the chilly winter fade into a crisp and fresh spring. I can't wait to experience summer here - I hear it's lovely and more than makes up for the winter! It's practically what everyone apologetically says when they welcome you to the UK in the midst of winter.

This past weekend was a bit of a rite of passage for us - as it marked the unofficial end of my first 'busy season' here (the official end was Monday, but everything was pretty much done on Friday). Granted, that's a loose term as there is always work to be done...but that didn't stop us from celebrating with a trip {of course}! We made plans with friends to check out the Seven Sisters Country Park - set on the edge of the southern coast full of rolling pastures, wildlife, rocky beaches and white chalk cliffs! They are the stuff of desktop background picture dreams {no, seriously, these were ACTUALLY on my standard desktop background wallpaper for my work computer...see for yourself!}


Funnily enough, after we planned the trip, a coworker leaned over and pointed at my screen and said "that's where we are going." I could not believe it! What's more is that I really didn't believe it would look like that in real life either - I thought it was some photoshop magic or that they got really lucky and caught it at a good time! But as I quickly learned when we arrived Sunday morning in Seaford, England that was EXACTLY how they looked. And they must have caught it on a sunny day like we did, because I feel like Dan should now sell these pictures to the 'stock photo' folks to be placed on desktop backgrounds everywhere!

Our day-long hike was complete with beaches, village pubs, pastures, sheep, LAMBS!, cows, rolling green hills, steep white cliffs, and sunny, clear skies! But don't just take my word for it...


let this picture dump do the talking!!



This doesn't really capture how many sheep we were surrounded by! They were literally everywhere and we could just walk right up to them (or TRY to as evidenced from the picture above). However, they were a bit skittish and would run away from us as fast as their fluffy little legs could carry them! We even saw a separate pasture with adorable little baby lambs and their mommas. It was so precious.



It was a magical day with friends and was a perfect intro to what lies ahead as the weather continues to cooperate!

P.S. pretty much all of the photo cred goes to that amazing husband of mine!

Where do you guys like to head when the weather gets a bit warmer?