Maybe it's the fact that I don't have a TV here or simply because I felt inspired by those who commute each day with their nose stuck in a book, but I'm happy to report I've become one of those people again! I feel like a regular Rory Gilmore and I am LOVING it {probably one of the reasons I've been seriously neglecting this poor blog, but I digress!} 


It started off with my commute of course, but the newspapers just weren't cutting it anymore {even though I felt VERY grown up and informed about all the local news}! But then when I had a long flight back to the US ahead of me, I decided to raid my office's 'take one, leave one' book area. 


I finished the first book I took (The Woman Who Stole my Life) on the flight TO the US and upon chatting with a work friend about our recent reads, we swapped books and I read THAT one (Me Before You) on my flight back home to New Mexico {and my eyes may or may not have welled up a bit}. Then while back home, I gave that one to my little sis and borrowed yet another (Suite François) from my grandmother's massive collection of books (I swear she's the original Rory!) I've been liking that one too, but it's been at a slower pace than the others I raced through.


Based on those same conversations with my work colleague, I came back to the US armed with a list of books on my 'to read' list and, even better, an app with which to track them. It appears that I may have been one of the last on this Goodreads bandwagon, but I'm still so happy my friend recommended it! It's like a social media book club - finally a place to record all those book suggestions and ones you keep intending to read! {P.S. I'm not affiliated with Goodreads, I just like letting others in on this secret that apparently everyone except me knew about! So maybe it's no secret at all.}


Well one of those suggestions was the Outlander series - not only from my friend back home, but also from folks here who highly recommended the TV series. I watched a few episodes of the show, and I was also hooked, but decided to just dive in to the book as well and finished it after about 3 days, and have already ordered the next in the series. Seriously though, go read this!


I love not only the feeling of being immersed in the characters and worlds that books open, but also unlocking the feeling I had when I was a kid of always and relentlessly reading. Maybe it's something about summer {you know, the countless hours spent at the library during summer months…no? just me then?} or it's the fact I've just missed it, but boy I'm glad there are so many books on that wish list and that I'm slowly making my way through them. 


Now I just have to find more time!


What are some of your book recommendations? Do any of you use Goodreads too? We should become friends on there and share some suggestions.