An Anniversary on the Dalmatian Coast


I've said it before, and I'll say it it just me or do the years seem to fly by? It was just yesterday that I met my now-husband wasn't it? Oh wait, it was actually almost 13 years ago. WHAT?! {and by the way, I had to do some SERIOUS maths to arrive at that number!} So although it's been 13 years since I met Dan, these last 3 years have been particularly jam-packed full of love, adventure, laughter, growth, daily struggles, and the beauty that life brings.

We have this thing about taking trips for our anniversaries - hey, any excuse right? Well this was the first year we didn't take a full week since Dan began his job at the end of May and we didn't want to push it. However, we did luck out because even though the UK doesn't celebrate most of the holidays the US does {I'm looking at you 4th of July - or as I pretend the British call it - 'Too Soon' and Thanksgiving - or what they might call *facepalm*}, they do have a Holiday that fell on Memorial Day this year, which happens to be right around our anniversary. So, we did get to take an extended weekend getaway to one of the first places outside of the UK that we wanted to cross off the bucket list... Croatia! 

And what a lovely country it is! We visited Split, home of Diocletian's Palace {otherwise known as the streets of Meereen, Daenerys' throne room and the palace basement that 2 of the dragon's call home for a while!} The palace streets are more like winding secret pathways, and although we spent 3 days winding our way through them, we rarely saw the same place twice. While that may say something about our internal compasses, it was such fun to let ourselves get lost in this mini city and to stumble upon a hidden view, or catch the sunlight coming through another side street, hunt for treasures in the marketplace, or even find a place to stop and try a glass or two of Dalmatian wine {or beer!}.

Besides getting to geek out a little, not only at the GOT film sites, but also on the rich history of the city, we spent our days meandering about the city-like palace streets, eating ice cream, walking along the coast, jumping in the water when it got too hot, and visiting the nearby islands.


My favorite part was our day-trip over to a nearby island, Brač, where we absorbed the quiet island and became one of the inhabitants for the day. It was peaceful and relaxing and exactly the kind of anniversary I'd hoped for.




Until next time, Croatia!!