Paris Holds the Key to your Heart


I always sing that line from Anastasia! And this time, it really was true.

Happy New Year everyone! I want to catch you all up on our trips from 2016 before jumping into the trips we have planned for 2017! Paris was a special one for us, because it was such an unexpected wonder. Neither of us speak French, so we were a tad apprehensive overall. However, it turned out to be a delight in every sense, and in order to explain, I'll take you back to Paris in the fall.

The air was crisp, yet the days were still warm. We spent our trip much how we spend our other trips - trying to experience the city as the locals might. As I've mentioned before, our favorite way to experience a city is to eat and drink our way through it. Paris was no exception. I find that we inevitably have the best memories when we have a combination of planned highlights coupled with some space for spontaneity. As I'm generally a very type-A, list-loving, and plan-appreciating gal, I often surprise myself with my laissez-faire attitude toward vacation planning. Don't get me wrong, I CAN and HAVE planned trips with aggressive itineraries, but I also have come to understand our holiday profile. Dan and I recently celebrated 10 years together and in that decade we've travelled all over the world. We've found that balance between 'every minute planned' and 'sleep the whole time' - not that we've ever experienced either of those extremes or anything.....{cough}.

Our trip to Paris was a wonderful insight into French living: a slower paced appreciation of food and wine, meandering through cobbled streets, exploring for the sake of getting lost with no true schedule to abide by. It was exactly how a trip to Paris should be.

We still managed to fit in some culture by taking one of the free Sandeman tours - which we recommend in pretty much every city we've had one in {Prague, Berlin, Edinburgh, and now Paris}. But most importantly, we soaked up all the experiences at our leisure. We admired artists in Montmartre, sat at cafes along the Seine, attempted french in every patisserie {thankfully 'Pain au Chocolat' and 'Macaron' are well known vocabulary to me!}, and enjoyed wine as we cruised down the Seine on a boat tour.

We soaked up the late autumn sun and the colors of fall all over the city with which we now have a budding love-affair.

The City of Lights was one of our favorite trips of 2016 {although Iceland will be forever tough to beat}. In fact, we loved our French immersion so much, that it will be one of our first trips in 2017 coming up in a few weeks! We look forward to the smell of fresh baguettes, walking along the Seine and appreciating Paris in the Winter!

Until then, Au revoir!