The Oldest British Village

One of our first weekend trips after moving to London was a visit to Britain's oldest Roman city, Colchester. It still had a standing Roman wall from approximately year 65.

As in 1,952 years ago...😲

Colchester is only about 50 miles from London, making it the perfect day trip! We were excited not only to see the capital of Roman Britain, but also to just see life outside of London as it was our very first trip outside the city after we had moved.


After taking the train about an hour northeast, we arrived in the small little village. It was a quite cloudy, yet bright, February day. We immediately started wandering about the city centre and stumbled upon things we hadn't even known about the city. We saw the town hall and the main street full of shops, we popped into the natural history museum, and also found the Colchester Castle! It was like a little oasis in the middle of the village. It was surrounded by gardens and flowers and trees.

After wandering the grounds a bit more, we made our way to the area where the remaining wall still stands. It was amazing to see in person and the original entrance, the Balkerne Gate, was impressive. It is the earliest and most complete Roman gateway in the United Kingdom. It also happens to be connected to a pub - one of the most British things possible!

We stepped into the pub for a bit and had a pint to toast to Dan's graduation, which was the celebratory catalyst for this trip. We spent the afternoon wandering a bit more, chatting with some locals at another pub, and of course grabbing a bite to eat before heading back to London.

All in all, it was a nice trip to kick off our life in the UK, and fanned the flames of our wanderlust even more, which hasn't shown any signs of being extinguished yet!