Can you think of some people in your life that are just so darn persistent? Aren't they the best?

They have the special ingredient to success and often times they are the most humble people. I have the privilege to know quite a few of these persistent people...although in some instances, it might just be pure stubbornness {which I know absolutely nothing about, I'll have you know ;) }

Anyways, these persistent people are the kinds of people we want as inspirational speakers, motivators, leaders and friends in general. And here's why I think that:

~They have empathy because they've been through tough times too~

~They have perspective because they've always seen it through to the other side~


~They have an undeniable optimism that's contagious~

I love being around them and just soaking in all of these traits. Because if I'm honest with myself, there are times that I feel like I lack some of these qualities. Yet once I'm inspired by amazing feats of endurance, it becomes easier to take just one more step in the right direction. I know that we are called to persevere and through perseverance, we are shaped and molded into who we are meant to be. I love the imagery of being molded; of being changed little by little through our experiences into something greater than which we started. One of the most powerful verses to me is Romans 5:3-5:

It's not always easy! In fact, I always think of contestants on shows or in competitors in real life that just keep trying. You've got to admire the strength and conviction it takes to get knocked down and get back up again {thanks Chumbawamba, you'll be in my head all own fault}!





So for this week's #winspiration, we gotta give it up for the most persistent fish out there...DORY!

15 - 1.jpg


Do you struggle with persistence? What is your favorite way to get back in the game if you feel yourself sliding?