Renter's Solutions: Bedroom

So as pinterest and any number of google searches can tell you, decorating a rented living space can be both a treasure and a challenge. While I look forward to the day that Dan and I can DIY the heck out of a place we own, I've found the challenge of renters-DIY to be just as entertaining and inspiring, if not more so. I've been able to get creative in ways I didn't know I was capable, and I'm learning that this process is a slow and steady one. In a weird way, I think it has helped me grow in my patience {and anyone who knows me IRL is rooting for anything to help me grow a bit in that area}.


So today, I'm going to share one of the projects that I love dearly in our bedroom. Originally I envisioned this massive built-in headboard, but as I counted up the holes in the wall in my head, I opted for something a bit more subtle and practical for the space above our bed. 


It turns out, I've loved this so much, I may even keep it around long term wherever we might be. The best part was that the whole thing only took a few hours, a few dollars {cha-ching} and a few holes! I did the signage art and Dan did the mirror art. I love that it was created by both of us and that the space above our heads isn't oddly empty anymore. 


Supplies used:

For Signage:

2 canvases from Michaels {similar}

White glitter wooden letters from Michaels {similar}

Hot glue gun/hot glue sticks {on hand}


For Mirror Art:

Dollar store round mirror

Paint sticks {free from local hardware store}

Paint color of your choice {on hand}


All in, this project cost under $15 and that is something we can all give a "woot" for!



For signage:


1. Center the letters on the canvas. Decide if you want a color theme or if you want to leave as is. I decided I liked the clean and simple look of white glitter on white canvas, so no painting was required!


2. Hot glue the center letter on {if more than 2 letters} and then space the rest as evenly as possible.


3. Let it dry on a flat surface overnight to be safe, and then hang finished product on the wall!


For mirror art:

1. Arrange the paint sticks on the back of the mirror and find the pattern that will work best for you. Cut any that do not touch the mirror back directly in order for them to fit properly. You can even have the paint sticks overlap each other for a more dimensional look, but just make sure they are symmetrically layered so it lays evenly against the wall.


2. Paint the wooden paint sticks the color that you desire and let dry overnight.


3. Hot glue the paint sticks in the pattern that you arranged earlier and let dry on a flat surface overnight to be safe.


4. While you wait for the hot glue from step 3 to dry, glue or attach a string or rope to the back in order to hang it on a nail on the wall after it is fully dry.


There you have it. Nice and simple! The best part about this is that you can combine any colors, letters, or patterns that you choose, so each project can look so vastly different. 



What are your favorite easy and cheap decor boosts?