The Written Word

I'm a TAD bit old fashioned when it comes to communications {although fear not, I don't yell into the telephone contraptions ;) }. I prefer the written word over most other forms of communication. I enjoy snail mail - both the feeling of sending something off by post or checking your mailbox to find that it contains more than just the usual smatter of junk. It makes checking the mail feel more like a surprise than a mindless mundane task. I think the only way I'd be MORE excited to exchange mail would be by Owl Post #amiright?!

So this week, I hope to inspire you not with words themselves but with the prospect of sending or receiving words. May they be uplifting, just what you needed at the moment or even just utter nonsense. But knowing they were sent for a purpose is something we all can agree makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside. 


So get out there and write something!