Cinco, Fünf, Five!


Is it possible to experience five years worth of adventure, love, pain, growth, loss, discovery, sorrow, and joy yet feel as though you yourself haven't even completed one cycle around the sun yet?

I feel as though I've soaked in every moment and yet missed so much, appreciated it all and yet took for granted the years that have flown by. Like those movies in which all the surroundings are moving a million miles a minute while the character stands in the middle watching it all unfold as if in slow motion.


That's been Dan and I, in the eye of this time-storm, these past five years! I still can't believe it's been that long as a married couple. I remember when we first got married, although already having been together for six and a half years, five years seemed so distant and we always placed that as the time we'd feel 'grown up' or 'settled down'. 

But here we are those five years later, and every bit the kids we still were in 2013 (and 2007 for that matter). I'm convinced that growing WITH your partner is one of the most satisfying yet confusing experiences. Are you forever 17? Are you grown ups with responsibilities? Can you feed yourselves? Did you remember your vitamins? Are you meant to water your plants? Are you supposed to know the names of plants? Is your pet going to eat your plants? Why are there so many plants?

The point is, Dan and I recently celebrated our 5th Anniversary the only way we knew how - on an adventure! We spent it in beautiful Maui as an homage to our honeymoon (which was spent in Oahu). It was the first time either of us had visited Maui and it was every bit as beautiful and magical as you'd imagine (and deserving of it's very own post, so stay tuned). Island time is very very real; it was so peaceful and full of soaking in those moments that all too often are rushing by. We cooked together, read books we'd been meaning to read, spent our days in the sun and our evenings applying aloe vera. We drove around the island, snorkeled, and took in a sunrise or two.

We've been incredibly blessed to have found our heart's pair in each other and we plan to continue to treat every trip as if it's a milestone worth celebrating. So, the lesson that has hit me this year (whether it be because of this anniversary or - more likely - our looming 30s) is, no matter if it's five, ten, or fifty years, none of us have to have it all figured out and I actually hope we always feel like kids at heart (how very millennial of me 🤫). Dan and I try not to put that burden on ourselves because we are too busy enjoying what's happening around us...oh and trying to keep Dobby {the housecat} and Groot {the houseplant} alive.