August Milestones

Self Portrait.jpg

It wasn’t until recently that I noticed the large impact “August” has had on my life. I’ve always taken for granted that it’s one of the busiest months of the year without taking a step back and looking at why: 

Growing up it meant end of summer, going to band camp, back to school shopping(!), going to Albuquerque for back to back birthday celebrations: my grandmas and my granddads. It was the last days of swimming, and it seemed to be the hottest and muggiest of all the months in southern New Mexico.

As I went through high school and into uni, August took on new meanings: that last summer before starting university, meeting new friends, moving into dorms, coming back from internships, going on leadership retreats, planning for the future. And ever still: birthdays. 

I had a love-hate relationship with August but it always meant change and growth. Change of seasons was coming, change in school, change in ages, and just that one year “older” and wiser. Even though it was often 100+ degrees, it meant fresh start.

Dan’s birthday has been one of the highlights of my Augusts for the past 12 years. Even writing that I can’t believe it. I had to recount on my hands!! But I vividly recall the first birthday of his that we celebrated together (19). My mom and I made a cake, we sang at my parents dining room table, and we said: “wow can you even imagine turning 21?” And wondering whether we’d get to spend any of those milestones together. (Spoiler: 21 came and Dan was in his last week of boot camp, so we were unfortunately not together, but it was a memorable year nonetheless and we celebrated once he was back home!) These past 12 years have seen so many fun birthday celebrations and milestones (not to mention our share of mishaps).

The one that encompassed a bit of both that comes to mind is Dan's 28th birthday where we spent a week on a road trip around Iceland (fun!), followed by quite a disaster of a festival experience in Leeds (mishap!) that we won't be repeating anytime soon! While the Iceland trip has probably been our favourite trip together so far, we have a potential contender this year to give it a run for its money as we take on new challenges and adventures this August.

Another milestone is upon us as Dan turns 30 today!!! So... to fulfill one of his lifelong dreams, we are on a boat in the Saronic Gulf of the Aegean Sea this week learning how to sail and earning our competent-crew certifications!

It's the first time that either of us have been to Greece, the first time sailing a boat (we spent 30 min on a dinghy here in the UK, so I'm not counting that), and Dan is the first of us to turn 30. This year seems to be a series of firsts for us, and while you'd think that we'd be used to the unknown and the new, it still brings up the same feelings of excitement, nerves, butterflies and not knowing what to expect. It's the feeling of exploration, going into the unknown and trying new things. It can be a bit scary, but also a feeling we are forever chasing.

So with that said, wish us luck on this new adventure we are embarking upon!

P.S. Happy Birthday, Dan!!! I am forever grateful I get to be by your side through these expeditions, and am so thankful for your kind heart, your goodnatured spirit, your laughter, your talent, and the man that I've seen you become over the past 12 years. I hope you have a memorable and fun 30th birthday!! <3