Welcome to Blissfully Barrio 2.0


We are thrilled to welcome you to our brand new website!

...Blissfully Barrio 2.0 as it were 😉

Now, you'll get not just ONE Barrio, but TWO (point O)! Dan has officially decided to share some of his experiences and photography tips here, and we will use this site not only for our blogging, but also as a photography portfolio and creative outlet.

You may have noticed quite a difference in our site as we recently upgraded to another platform and spent some time refreshing the posts and pages. We are excited to continue sharing our adventures, creations, and experiences...now together!

We welcome you to peruse our homepage to see our posts by category and/or author as well as our social media links and portfolio gallery. If you'd like to get to know a bit more about us, please check out our about page.

We hope you enjoy this site as much as we have enjoyed creating it. Please leave us a comment on our posts or visit our contact page to send us some feedback. If you'd like to stay up to date with all things Blissfully Barrio, please subscribe.

Thanks! ♥️